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Our bathroom remodeling team will give you the bathroom you've always dreamed of! Whether you know exactly how you want it to look or aren't exactly sure yet, we are here to help.

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We believe bathroom remodeling is an art form, and it is very different than remodeling other areas of your home. So it's important to have an expert in your corner who can steer you the in the right direction for you and your home.

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"Hank is a TOTAL professional. He arrived promptly at the agreed time. He's truly innovative. Price outstanding. Could not have had a better experience. You cannot go wrong doing business with The One Floors, and especially Hank. Thanks, Hank!" -

" The One Floors was a pleasure to work with and I definitely recommend them!" -

Hank and his crew were always on time and very professional. I am very happy with how the job turned out: It is exactly what I wanted. I highly recommend The One Floors to all my family and friends."">"Hank and his crew were always on time and very professional. I am very happy with how the job turned out: It is exactly what I wanted. I highly recommend The One Floors to all my family and friends." -

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Call or contact us today, or stop in for a free consultation anytime. Our team will help you plan and install the bathroom you've always dreamed of at a price you can afford.

Professional Bathroom Remodeling in Spring, TX

Bathroom Remodeling Steps

The first step is to sit down and plan your new bathroom design. To truly get the best bathroom you should never skimp on the planning phase. If you need help planning, we are here for you! Call, email, contact us on our website, or come in to our store and our expert bathroom remodeling designers will work diligently with you to design a bathroom that you will love.

Once you've gotten the planning out of the way, let's briefly go through the major steps involved in remodeling your bathroom. Which stage are you on?

Find a professional contractor for remodeling

After planning for bathroom remodeling, it is the time to search for the right contractor who will do your job the right way. For full bathroom remodeling, it is always better to hire the professionals with right expertise and experience to handle your remodeling work.

Example of Custom Shower Remodeling

The contractor you hire must have the specialization to handle all types of remodeling work, including unforeseen issues such as water damages, plumbing issues, faulty electricity and other road bumps that come up during the bathroom remodeling process.

The One Floors gets the job done right the first time, on time, and under budget. That's why our clients come back again and again for all their remodeling work.

Set a Budget

Bathroom remodeling work may sometimes become an expensive affair for you, especially if you have not set a budget for the revamping work. So, you must spend some time and figure out the budget that you want to spend for the remodeling work and try to stick with it, without adding up the cost.

Example of Full Custom Bathroom Remodeling

What Does it Cost to Remodel a Bathroom?

The cost for remodeling differs depending on the size of the bathroom being remodeled and the materials you're using. Another cost factor is whether you do most of the bathroom work yourself or decide to hire a contractor.

But on average, a full bathroom remodel usually runs between $5,000 and $9,000. Again, your cost will be higher or lower depending on what you choose to do.

Example of Stone Wood Used in a Bathroom Remodeling Project

Price and Substitutions

If you're thinking of using high-end materials like marble sinks, chrome faucets & fixtures, and glass shower doors with frames, also keep in mind that these all are very expensive. If your budget allows for these types of expensive materials, then there's no problem! But if you need something a little less expensive, we have many other options that look just like the expensive materials but cost you a little less.

Example of Bathroom Remodeling

Essentially, you can get the look and feel of marble without paying the expensive price by using one of our look-alikes. Ask us today about our many different look-alike materials that can save you a lot of money on your project without compromising style.

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Color Matters

Just because it's the shower or bathing room doesn't mean you should compromise on the bathroom decor. It is very essential to choose colors of the bathroom that compliment the overall decor of the house. Our experts will help you choose colors that complement each other and go with the rest of the overall house design.

Beautiful Iridescent Glass in a Bathroom Remodel


Undoubtedly, tile floors are the most widely used floor options for bathrooms today. So, when it comes to bathroom remodeling, you may want to consider tile floors. Another great option is wood laminated floors. Wood laminate is water-resistant! You may also want to go for vinyl or linoleum flooring for your bathroom which offer a very classy look.

One of Our Bathroom Remodeling Projects in Spring, TX

Finish the Project Successfully

After working on the basic design, make sure that the project is finished from top to bottom and nothing is left undone. Once the project is complete, you'll want to start adding your own personal finishing touches. Many people choose to add some extra shelves. Lack of shelves can make your bathroom look messy and cluttered.

So you'll probably want to add some small shelves, and also vertical mirrors on the basin. One of the best bath remodeling ideas is to add more closed cabinets and shelves on the side wall to keep all grooming essentials and bathroom accessories in place.

Add Some Finishing Touches to Take Your Bathroom to the Next Level!

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So if your bathroom needs fixing up, it's time for a remodel! Let us give you the shining and sparkling new bathroom remodel you've always dreamed of. Call us at (832) 928 1022, contact us online, or visit us today! We are located at 4660 Louetta Rd. #220 in Spring, TX 77388. We look forward to serving you!

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